Subsidised studio offers for visual artists May 2024

Application deadline: 28.05.2024

The Studio Office in the kulturwerk of the bbk berlin is currently offering four subsidised studios in Berlin for visual artists. The studios in the Workspace Programme of the State of Berlin are offered at €4.09/m² or €6.50/m² gross warm, depending on the income limit.

Lindenstr. 31-32
© Atelierbüro bbk

Lindenstr.31-32_Haus_A_aussen_B © Atelierbüro bbk

Lindenstr. 31-32
© Atelierbüro bbk

PowerPoint-Präsentation © Atelierbüro bbk

Herzbergstr. 127
© Atelierbüro bbk

Herzberg127_56_aussen © Atelierbüro bbk

Str. PLZ Ortsteil Einzugsdatum
Bersarinplatz 2 10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain 01.08.2024
Herzbergstr. 127 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg 01.07.2024
Lindenstr. 31-32 (Haus A) 12555 Berlin-Köpenick 01.07.2024
Lindenstr. 31-32 (Haus B) 12555 Berlin-Köpenick 01.07.2024

Subsidised studios are awarded exclusively to professional visual artists.

Prerequisites for the application are professionalism in the field of visual arts, professional and social urgency and an annual net household income that does not exceed the income limits.

The Studio Office’s application procedure is completely digital, i.e. you apply via the online tool on the Studio Office’s website.

The application deadline is 28.05.2024.