Rehearsal space incl. production space and 12 production spaces for performing arts and dance in Berlin-Mitte to be awarded subsidised and on a long-term basis

Application deadline: 14.01.2024

Kultur Räume Berlin, represented by Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH, awards subsidised spaces for the artistic work of Berlin’s independent performing arts community as part of the Workspace Programme (ARP). The Workspace Programme is a funding instrument for providing and securing spaces for artistic and cultural activities in the state of Berlin.

LEI54 Fassade
© Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH

LEI54 Fassade © Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH



© Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH

LEI53_DarstellendeKuensteBsp1 © Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH

LEI54-Probe- und Produktionsraum Fenster

LEI54-Probe- und Produktionsraum Fenster

LEI54_Darstellende Kuenste_Bsp3

LEI54_Darstellende Kuenste_Bsp3

We are currently allocating one rehearsal space incl. production space as well as 12 production spaces (some with storage) for the performing arts and dance sector at Leipziger Str. 54, 10117 Berlin.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to professional individual artists, groups, ensembles and collectives working in the performing arts and dance. Applications from several individuals and/or groups who have already joined forces in advance to share the space are also expressly welcome.

What is allocated?

The rehearsal space is suitable for dance and has a sprung floor. The rehearsal space includes two other spaces: a large production room and a small adjoining room, both of which are well lit by daylight through window fronts.

The other production spaces (particularly suitable as production offices) in the former hotel wing have different layouts and sizes. The smallest production space has 16.06 m² and the largest 32.06 m². Some spaces are divided into two rooms and some spaces are permanently assigned to storage rooms.


Access to the building is step-free. A lift is available (up to the 1st floor). Barrier-free accessible spaces are only located on the 1st floor of the building. There is a low-barrier sanitary facility with shower on this floor.


The rent is subsidised as part of the Workspace Programme, i.e. the actual rental conditions are offset by subsidies from the state of Berlin, so that the monthly rent to be paid is €5/m² gross warm (plus electricity flat rate).

Viewing appointment

We offer an on-site viewing on Tuesday, 09.01.2024. Registration in the web portal is required.

Application deadline

14.01.2024 23:59 hrs.

We will only consider applications submitted online via the web portal.