As part of the Arbeitsraumprogramm (Workspace Programme) of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Kultur Räume Berlin awards subsidised spaces to artists from Berlin’s independent scene in regular calls for applications.

Our subsidised spaces are available to independent artists of all artistic disciplines.

The basic requirement for every application is proof of artistic professionalism, i.e. proof of artistic education or vocational training or several years of practical experience. Furthermore, applicants must prove their primary residence in Berlin. In the case of groups, ensembles, collectives, etc., the majority of the members must have their primary residence in Berlin.

Whether you can apply for a space depends on the respective tender and the type of space. If dance rehearsal spaces are advertised, for example, dance companies and dancers can apply. Music rehearsal spaces are offered for musicians, writing spaces are for writers, etc

The exact requirements for an application can be found in the respective call for applications. Current calls for applications can be found under News.

Long-term use

Subsidised artistic workspaces for long-term use, i.e. usually four or five years, are advertised by Kultur Räume Berlin as part of the workspace programme and awarded in a procedure with independent, sector-specific awarding advisory boards.

The application process is completely digitalised and takes place via the web portal Kultur Räume Berlin.

Kultur Räume Kontingente

The programme “Kultur Räume Kontingente” offers artists the opportunity to rent rehearsal spaces in established rehearsal space locations with excellent equipment by the hour or day at reduced rates.

Temporary Rehearsal Spaces

At Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152 two large rehearsal space in a raw state are available for temporary use for free. The offer is open to the disciplines of performing arts and dance.

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Where can I find studios?

You can find subsidised and privately offered studios as well as studio flats on the website of the Studio Office in the Kulturwerk of the bbk berlin.

If you cannot find a suitable space on our website, you can also visit the following sites:

Funded spaces:

Initiative Neue Musik

Theaterhaus Berlin

TS -Proben- und Produktionsraumcentrum für darstellende Kunst

Non-funded spaces:


Tanzraum Berlin

Musicpool Berlin