© Kulturraum Berlin GmbH

© Kulturraum Berlin GmbH

Two large rehearsal spaces in Prenzlauer Promenade for rent by the day or week!

There are two large rehearsal spaces in raw condition at Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152. The spaces can be booked by the day or week (max. 12 weeks) for music theatre, performing arts or dance rehearsals.

The spaces are available at a reduced daily rent, which is based on the operating and ancillary costs incurred:

Room 109: €20/day

Room 134: €14/day

In the future, the spaces will be developed within the framework of the Workspace Programme; until then, we offer the use of the spaces without furnishings and in their raw state.

What does raw state mean?

The spaces are currently in a raw state, which means that they do not meet the standards of rehearsal spaces for dance and performing arts:

  • There is no dance or stage floor
  • No acoustic measures have been taken
  • Radiators, pillars, windows are not covered/protected

Preparatory construction work has already been carried out in the spaces. The power supply is partly restricted. Claims for compensation in the event of injuries that could occur due to the room conditions are therefore not the responsibility of the room provider.

We urgently request that you observe the room-specific usage specifications!

These spaces are available for use:

How it works:

Are you interested in rehearsing at Prenzlauer Promenade? Here you can find out how to book the spaces by the day or week:

1. registration

You register in the Locaboo room booking tool. During the registration process, we check whether your details comply with the conditions of participation (see General Terms and Conditions). The registration process can take up to four weeks.

2. Booking:

With the confirmation of your registration, you will be invited to our booking platform of Locaboo. In this tool you have the possibility to book room 109 or room 134 in Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152 for your rehearsals. The spaces can be booked by the day or week, up to a maximum of six weeks/quarter. Following use, invoices for past bookings are created and sent once a month.


Questions about the booking process?

We will be happy to answer them!

Franziska Schrage
Referentin für Standortmanagement

Call: 0176 – 17 87 02 97

E-Mail: pionierprobe[at]kulturraum.berlin

General questions about artistic workspaces and funding?

We offer artists free consultation, learn more and reserve your appointment here:


This offer is made possible in cooperation with the GSE, the Senate Department for Culture and Community, the Tanzbüro and Kulturraum Berlin gGmbH.