Berlin is an artistic hot spot

Berlin is internationally established as a cultural and artistic metropolis. Artists from all over the world come to the city to create art. Their presence make Berlin an even more diverse and liveable city.

The Berlin art scene needs space to thrive

Artists need artistic workspaces that they can afford. Due to rapidly rising rents, such spaces are becoming increasingly rare. Artists must therefore be protected from gentrification. Affordable artistic workspaces are a prerequisite in order for independent artists to be able to continue living and working in Berlin.

We secure those spaces

Kultur Räume Berlin is an alliance of administration, real estate service providers and the independent art scene that wants to achieve this goal: We identify space needs and requirements from all art disciplines (visual arts, performing arts, literature, music, project spaces and dance), we secure affordable spaces for artists, develop concepts, and award subsidised artistic workspaces for all art disciplines in regular tenders.


So that Berlin remains a diverse and liveable city. So that Berlin remains a cultural metropolis!